by Prices On Our Heads

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released February 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Prices On Our Heads Louisville, Kentucky

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Track Name: Monolith
And into the mist I go forth
An aura of amelioration illuminated
Created foreshadows that twist enlightenment
Vapor rising as I am vociferating victory
Rising, evaporation of expectations..
Soon rains, soon pours; my falling rhetoric
The only precipitation: I'm so pathetic (I'm so pathetic)

They perceived it was tangible
But it all liquefies upon grasping
Now they protest a monolith
But it's annexed to their spine

In that empire, I sardonically screamed
At staged shattered stone
Watched words go right over your heads
Too long, now they're skulls
Flesh-free, aged, and dull

With my diamond eyes, reflected and refracted
A light inducing duality, of a tyrant, of a savior
No one reacted!
Curtains closed; none impacted!

Gold fragilely fed to tools
Until spewing grotesque glitter
Epiphany emerges
You are the epitome of fools

They gasped; I sighed with relief
And into the mist I went forth to progress..
Or so they thought

Forging imagery to set a tone
Now they cast first of that shattered stone
For this, I must atone

When fooled, they become barbarically fueled
Burning words in flames, ignited, by overlooking the meaning

And so sorrow follows, as I am blamed
Eternally swallowing shame

And though you see me speak, a voice is absent in the words
Aerial sensation praised age, but far from Elevated, for it hasn't been found
Noticeably, feet never left the ground

Defining skin and goals, but they decided to expose
Here I am, exposed to all

I am exposed

Refusal of man..And to be one
(I can't be one!)

I run
From all
Track Name: Dysnomia
"Mass misconception", I objected
Thrown and dethroned by their thorned words
Now running red with humiliation
My scars speak of their defense mechanism
Traumatized, their defiance filled fists shout
My canny hands dripping malice replete reverie
Saw supple traits wilting over inanimate clay
What did they expect?
I, like a kiln evoked heat
Hardening intentions, misplaced in fire
Molds shaping

Farewell spiteful figurines, I hardly knew thee
Thickest of thoughts, those porcelain eyes
Glazed tunneled vision blurring these lines
Of course, you will not read between
Divulging this dilemma!
Maybe, it's all me..
Shall we cease contact?

Shattering these shackles or remaining shackled?
The twin paths of paralysis!

Translucency of a ghost symbolizing my self-worth
So begin the parade, so they sway through me
Dancing aside denial obliviously, oh so effortlessly
Whilst I channel angst to extricate
Now I'm the shell, and they're the soul

Often pondering on my role and what I play
I, the passive giving tree, implanted amidst anguish (wasting away)
They, the passing turbulent wind, unfettered and airy
I await for aspiration to stem
From me, breezing by leaves; fallen and forgotten
They leave, fallen and forgotten with my leaves

Between roots of contingency, you may bury me
In soil of seclusion, saturated in scrutiny, oh it's so comforting

I am a parasite sucking terminal will
Consuming nourishment denoted apathy, in hopes of vomiting tranquility
Nurtured with nature, what will this make of me?
Lost in this immaturity, what have they made of me?

So shall we wait?
Shall we cease contact?
Let's see what time makes of me
Or is it distance that's diminishing me?
Track Name: Null
[Night One - Body]:

Within a flutter, within a flash

Entangled by my roots filled with contingency
Struggling to breath underneath the past's pressure
It presses onward, unlike me
Spitting images of rejection into me

Entwined, contorted, my body mouthing - Too tame, to tame, former transgressions at blame
Roots, relinquish me, forever maimed
Salvage my mind, so I'll have something to claim
Other than this calamity that is me
My broken body

[Night Two - Mind]:

A foreign tapestry, unlike my memories, forms over them
Threaded through me
It's weaved with woes, for I have grieved for foes
Disguised, wrapped, and flung
Unmasked, into a tortured scenery
All unfolds and shows that I toiled with trickery
Nothing to justify my jester ways; not even their haze
Merely my endeavour for praise
Unsettling sensibility, settled me in this solitary
A loss, is my mind
Unweaved with nothing to bind

[Night Three - Psychosis]:

Spasms spiral up my spine, my mind on a ride
("Your psychotic plastic words molded a crown. Such a drama king like you not found")
Fractured shadows with no cast, carve stories of my past into barren bark
("Leaving splinters in your thoughts. This will form all future faults")
Faced before me, their faces are in me
("Assembled in a circle, cynical cycle made by me")
Unable to evade
Endlessly, fabricating edges around me
Cornering me!
Up a tree!

So, I'll fly cerebrally with these faint voices in me
("You fly? You're the fucking half-winged fly!")
("So are you an individual or just inadequate?")
Just kill yourself

I plea, nullify these voices in me
With half a wing, half a mind
I wing wildly, I fly
Killing to kiss home, but soon I'll die..Null

Whispers start to grow dull in my skull
Desperate deserted lips dry out
Reflecting crisply against a desert that I am now laying in

Automaton approaching me
One of us speaking in tongues
The other speaking mechanically
Voices, so infectious or so precious?
All depending on detection
The other side always voices "defection"

Realized together
That's the song of humanity, in all it's insanity
Smiling, harmonizing weeps

But then it speaks

"Deus Ex Machinery"

Here to salvage me?

A device
Pulling me
Out of desert plots
Track Name: Machine Over Matter
I - lost
Clamping at mirrors of past; reflections retract, identity crushes and cracks
Into slivers of silver memories; once so sterling, now tarnished treasures
Method to the madness of these ever-changing matters?
Unclench uniqueness with such relentlessness, and ask: if ever-changing, do they matter?
Shards scattered, calmly clasp one labelled with my name
It's the only thing to claim that's the same

Scared, so screech and sprint outwardly
To search for a sense of self within me
Such irony makes sense to me
Well-oiled turmoil recoiling me
Afar, now translucent solutions of soul spin undefined
My entirety equating to a ghost inside a turbine
Are these entities entwined?
Or is all confined in gross gorges of grey matter?
Reaching at dark gaping closure, becoming airtight as ambiguity
Stretching into myself, a shining source of singularity
Strangling questions of sincerity

Familiarly pulled
From these trenches of war, once more
An ally with arms
Open wide
Embrace the love of this machine
Put it inside

Guiding me, he aims towards my temple of lies
Yet this is where he lies

Columns in mind collapsed shaping him as a shrine; synaptic cleft redesigned
Bowing to creative destruction, glorified in gore evermore
Abhor this rebirth, glazing over
Adore this rebirth, gazing into
Mirrors of past

As we are reflecting, the only permanence is ever-changing

I - lost
We - found
I was once lost, but now We are found

Coalition conceived, a machine and me (it's in me!)
Ironing out an Iron Curtain, pulling it back
Fission obliterated, for I am him and he is me
Track Name: Less Than Whole
Three words filled with whirlwinds
Less than whole

Our discord ringing delight
Muting the feedback, though an earshot from the end
Tranced, and so we prance
Perpetually plunging from a precipice
Consciously caressing denial, but shouldn't we slice it's wrists'?
Waves of devastation cordially collide into mesmerized ogled eyes
This black, but beautiful haze washing us away
Rinsing clear, a shell-shocked biased awe
At the shoreline interlined surprised, dropped jaw
Alas, all is at sea, our plank segments labelled linear infinity

Oh, we are tasting this ecstasy laced with co-dependency
It's been tripping me
Now we are awoken abruptly
Still we are standing, scorched feet rotting away from us
Regretful without trust, after-taste tainted, but it's still feels like a "must"

Our chaos kindled fascination
Backfiring the equivocation!
We are cognizant and cauterized
Seized and singed between extremities

If I'm the unlit wick, then you're the hollow flame
But aren't we the fucking same..?

We are nothing more than screams fornicating whirlwinds
Words just resonating into some night-sky
Pending for a long-awaited so called "poetic goodbye"
This the forecasted farewell meeting loves one-sided demise

Three words filled in whirlwinds
Less than whole

This hole, that is us, within us
Fills with lust
Fucking it until we turn to dust

So tell me, are we now whole?
Track Name: Into The Abstract
At each other's throat tolerance tears away
Tissue to sodden weepy woes
Too little, too late, all the salt seeps into wounds
Hitting each other's bias
Pressing against it's bone until bare and exposed

Resistance overflows until slipping on spite
Sealed lips liberated
No longer tight!
Loosening our tongues, we taste..
Passive phrases never given breath
Now truly alive when vocalized, but still breathless

It was too much, it was too heavy, so drop the conversation and abandon situation
Watched it crack open, cracking up, hollow as the heavens inside
Still held high, but it's all up in the air

Hands lowered in leniency, we strike a chord
Bygone echoing, we sing bye and resentment is gone
Outsiders overhear, input to aid our ears
Nothing to hear as their distortion drowns accord, until all is not clear
So let me make this clear

Our tongues hemorrhaging sour thoughts
But pushing into our cheeks until we rot

When they speak illusion, we will yell "what a fucking intrusion"
Too far from the conversation, and all seems abstract
Even when they're closer, our words are just that

Delicious golden goals dribbling at our lips
Such a desire drags our vessels to ship
Voyage to an isle, to view the big picture
Isolated, alone, now the conversation can continue

When all seems to be at sea, and when they are too far too see
When all seems to be at sea, and when they are too close to see

We will scream blissfully, we will sing blissfully
As they cry desperately trying to grasp

Swearing strong, salt seeps into wounds between us, my friend know that I'll never leave us
Forever sailing, misunderstood and tolerant; hand in hand

Swearing strong, salty sea of difference between us, my friend know that I'll never leave us
Forever sailing, misunderstood and tolerant; hand in hand

We go into the abstract
Track Name: Anomaly I \\ Map
Impacted with fact, walls smacked us
Awoken aside realization
Oh much appreciation

Shaking hands
Begging for another slap of realization
Oh much appreciation

Face-planted, vision withering in dirt
Awoken aside a tomb, of course nothing bloomed
Oh much sorrow

Hands descend, touching the seed of our despair
Staggered at a state of disrepair
Rocky obstacles obscured, the cure; the muse suffused nerves
If seen on this road built for us, we'd swerve
For if we observed, if we glanced, we'd be tossed somewhere obscure

Oh so the walls told us

So to the path we stay
Sights encountered but imagery astray

Oh so the walls told us

So to the path we stay
Becoming benighted but we promised to never stray
Little to belittle as walls block beyond..

As navigating, trends and tendencies begin deviating
Expectations evaporated
Oh much appreciation, unlike before
And so it's pours

Found the nerve to obscure
Swerving off this road built, now we can observe
Crashed and stranded, but soon we won't see
So let's make a map to guide through the territory

Oh, there is much appreciation, unlike before
So let it pour!

Found the nerve to obscure
Swerving off this road built, now we can observe
Crashed and stranded, but soon we won't see
So let's make a map to blind us from the territory
Track Name: Anomaly II \\ Territory
With true toil, we sketch sublime soil
Solid shades foretell futile
Fought to foil, but our minds made mounds
Too dark, too high, for garden ground to be found

So we paint a stunning sun, around it we spun
Basking in bright light, leading us
Scalding skin, now standing stunned
So abusive, but illusive, met the might of light, and so we run
Illustrating a shunned sun
But it shined unlike a bastard son

These brushed streaks burned cheeks
Prospects on paper sheets
Penned with a plethora of peaks
Smudging our sight
Our vision, our stories
With weighted lines
With voids of white
Turning pages black as night

We sink in ink, and here we think
Drowning probability of reaching actuality
Sunken and anchored, but not at sea
For this map made, is not the territory

Shunned all
We were shunned by all
Dreams drew us away
So we drew away
Away from reality

Frequently forgotten, rarely remembered
The light can lead us, or sear skin
Rests on the value and sun we supply
A tragedy filled twilight nigh, but cease the sigh
Passionate filled psyche applied
And in the ink, we never die, we can soar so high

But we can return with sores..

We can fall once more
A vivid view, now becoming a vanishing point

The endless end, we perceived, so much more lies underneath the paper sheet
Ripping through it and these bitter-sweet dreams; treating us like dirt, treating us with dirt
Ripping through it, we couldn't, so we threw it to frames..

Pulling away from the picture on the wall in our mind
Final frame falling, territory eats our map, leaving us blind
All in the soil that was sublime, now it's clearly smeared in gruesome grime
Track Name: Anomaly III \\ Collision
Climatically crushing; this disenchanting collision
A contrast drowning in necessary division
Our promises in paper; these sheets meet the mucky Eden

See burials marked for our fruitless forbidden hearts
Tempting and teasing our naked eyes
A view, naive and naked, our love was culminating
But we were deadly blind
Stitched and sowed
Seeded in graves this whole time

Solely, an internal rumour hyperbolized
A wishful thought of an inevitable mean
To nevermore, leave these ceaseless dreams

"Though typically trivial, we might be missing the shedding of significant light?"

These pieces, a slice of life
Cut by conform, designed for this puzzle in the grime
Whether it's ripe or rotten
Weather fall and spring
With more rhyme, but less reason
Diving head first and accompanying this treason
Drifting or rifting
Within a palm of ire, within a palm of compassion
Our decaying duality has manifested
For-longing a flat-line for these torn hearts
Fearfully yelling for a curve, yelling for the immortality key

"For a non-existent lock and door, oh can't you see?
Grief on mortal lines; dead ends
Tears us to shreds; tears need to be shed"

See burials marked for our fruitless forbidden hearts
Tempting and teasing our naked eyes
A view, naive and naked, that love was waiting
Oh, we were deadly blind
Stitched, sowed
Seeded in graves this whole time

Pump the blood, forceful thumps to bleed this beat
Fistfuls of death, even the nuts and bolts blatantly reject sinking teeth
Rings that resemble my life inside this knowledgeable tree above me
Shamefulness eclipsing obstacle and being that is indeed me

A contrast swimming in necessary division
A stem that leaves hints..
This whole time..

"So I'll bite the gears, and you bite the veins
A bright life awaits beyond these plains
So let's transcend to see both sides
It's been quite a ride Glancing this Garden and it's Great Divide"

Once, we were Less Than Whole
Now we the Old Souls

Love with lust will rust, over this alloy smile "

Sincerely, The Machine in Me named Anomaly
Now dead in my head