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"Mass misconception", I objected
Thrown and dethroned by their thorned words
Now running red with humiliation
My scars speak of their defense mechanism
Traumatized, their defiance filled fists shout
My canny hands dripping malice replete reverie
Saw supple traits wilting over inanimate clay
What did they expect?
I, like a kiln evoked heat
Hardening intentions, misplaced in fire
Molds shaping

Farewell spiteful figurines, I hardly knew thee
Thickest of thoughts, those porcelain eyes
Glazed tunneled vision blurring these lines
Of course, you will not read between
Divulging this dilemma!
Maybe, it's all me..
Shall we cease contact?

Shattering these shackles or remaining shackled?
The twin paths of paralysis!

Translucency of a ghost symbolizing my self-worth
So begin the parade, so they sway through me
Dancing aside denial obliviously, oh so effortlessly
Whilst I channel angst to extricate
Now I'm the shell, and they're the soul

Often pondering on my role and what I play
I, the passive giving tree, implanted amidst anguish (wasting away)
They, the passing turbulent wind, unfettered and airy
I await for aspiration to stem
From me, breezing by leaves; fallen and forgotten
They leave, fallen and forgotten with my leaves

Between roots of contingency, you may bury me
In soil of seclusion, saturated in scrutiny, oh it's so comforting

I am a parasite sucking terminal will
Consuming nourishment denoted apathy, in hopes of vomiting tranquility
Nurtured with nature, what will this make of me?
Lost in this immaturity, what have they made of me?

So shall we wait?
Shall we cease contact?
Let's see what time makes of me
Or is it distance that's diminishing me?


from Anomaly, released February 13, 2015
Chris Goins
Corey Havens
Jessy Sons
Josh Fullerton
Aaron Owens



all rights reserved


Prices On Our Heads Louisville, Kentucky

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