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[Night One - Body]:

Within a flutter, within a flash

Entangled by my roots filled with contingency
Struggling to breath underneath the past's pressure
It presses onward, unlike me
Spitting images of rejection into me

Entwined, contorted, my body mouthing - Too tame, to tame, former transgressions at blame
Roots, relinquish me, forever maimed
Salvage my mind, so I'll have something to claim
Other than this calamity that is me
My broken body

[Night Two - Mind]:

A foreign tapestry, unlike my memories, forms over them
Threaded through me
It's weaved with woes, for I have grieved for foes
Disguised, wrapped, and flung
Unmasked, into a tortured scenery
All unfolds and shows that I toiled with trickery
Nothing to justify my jester ways; not even their haze
Merely my endeavour for praise
Unsettling sensibility, settled me in this solitary
A loss, is my mind
Unweaved with nothing to bind

[Night Three - Psychosis]:

Spasms spiral up my spine, my mind on a ride
("Your psychotic plastic words molded a crown. Such a drama king like you not found")
Fractured shadows with no cast, carve stories of my past into barren bark
("Leaving splinters in your thoughts. This will form all future faults")
Faced before me, their faces are in me
("Assembled in a circle, cynical cycle made by me")
Unable to evade
Endlessly, fabricating edges around me
Cornering me!
Up a tree!

So, I'll fly cerebrally with these faint voices in me
("You fly? You're the fucking half-winged fly!")
("So are you an individual or just inadequate?")
Just kill yourself

I plea, nullify these voices in me
With half a wing, half a mind
I wing wildly, I fly
Killing to kiss home, but soon I'll die..Null

Whispers start to grow dull in my skull
Desperate deserted lips dry out
Reflecting crisply against a desert that I am now laying in

Automaton approaching me
One of us speaking in tongues
The other speaking mechanically
Voices, so infectious or so precious?
All depending on detection
The other side always voices "defection"

Realized together
That's the song of humanity, in all it's insanity
Smiling, harmonizing weeps

But then it speaks

"Deus Ex Machinery"

Here to salvage me?

A device
Pulling me
Out of desert plots


from Anomaly, released February 13, 2015
Chris Goins
Corey Havens
Jessy Sons
Josh Fullerton
Aaron Owens



all rights reserved


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